Eyebrow Tinting

For Men or Women
Eyebrow Tinting accentuates brows in a natural-looking manner. It’s the perfect solution to enhance your brow appearance if you are sensitive to make-up, engage in active sports such as swimming, or find the daily make-up ritual too time consuming. Colors are selected to complement your skin and hair coloring.

Eyebrow tinting involves careful application of safe, natural dyes and takes about 30 minutes. Color can last up to six weeks. Brow tinting and shaping are relaxing treatments that can easily be combined with other services.

Eyebrow Shaping and Waxing

For Men or Women
Eyebrows are an important facial feature, providing a frame for your face. Men or women may improve the appearance of their brows with professional Eyebrow Shaping. A variety of techniques will be used, including waxing and tweezing, to create brow balance and symmetry with the face shape.