Protect your Skin,
Protect Your Health

Recognizing Changes in the Skin

Professional massage therapists are trained to recognize changes in the skin and nails that could indicate symptoms of an underlying condition.  Changes in skin coloration and texture could indicate illnesses such as basal cell carcinoma, or the more rare, but serious, melanoma.  While it is not the role of a massage therapist to act as a physician, they are committed to your good health, and will recommend follow-up care if they notice any possible signs of an undiagnosed condition.

Safe Skin Care

Skin is the largest organ system of the body, consisting of up to six square feet of surface space.  Our skin is very effective in protecting us from contaminants, but as anyone who uses a transdermal patch or topical medication knows, skin is also porous and can absorb what it comes in contact with. Substances can enter the body through the pores and hair follicles, as well as by passing through the skin on the molecular level.  To protect your health, it is important that the products used during your massage or facial be as safe and natural as possible.

Aveda Skin Products

Aveda products are designed to protect the health of your skin, as well as your overall health.  Aveda strives to incorporate “green ingredients,” which the company defines, in part, as “sourced from organic, sustainable or renewable plant-based origins.”  Aveda’s products use essential oils and raw herbal ingredients that are predominantly certified organic (90% for oils and 89% for herbal).  Aveda also does not use paraben-based preservatives in its products, or sodium lauryl sulfate.  To learn more about Aveda’s product ingredients and its commitment to environmentally sound production practices, visit Aveda at:

Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing is an exfoliation technique that uses a natural bristle brush to gently brush the skin, revealing fresh, healthy skin layers. (Facial skin, which may be too delicate for this treatment, is excluded). The technique stimulates healthy skin cell production by removing dead surface skin and temporarily increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface. The brushing sensations create an “awake” feeling in the skin, while also being calming overall. The brushing session includes warm towel wrap and gentle massage. It may be a 15-minute (back only) add-on to another kind of session, or a full-body session.
15-minute add-on - $20.00

Body Polish

A session of gentle, full-body skin exfoliation to soften and smooth skin, followed by massage to relax muscles. A warm towel wrap and skin moisture replenishment are also included. A session to help you look your best before an important event or just to receive as a nurturing gift for yourself.

  • 90 minutes: $135 (partial body polish: back, hands and feet)
  • 120 minutes: $180 (full body polish)
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