Special Needs

Special Needs Therapies

The experienced staff at WatersMeet can use specialized therapeutic techniques to alleviate many physical and mental health conditions. Our special needs therapies can be a valuable part of your wellness program, contributing to greater overall health and well-being.

Examples of our special needs therapies are described below.  This is not a complete list, so please bring any unique circumstances to our attention. If you wish to receive this service, let us know at the time of scheduling so we may pair you with the appropriately-trained therapist. Please also, let us know if you are mobility impaired and will need additional time and/or assistance.


WatersMeet Spa facilities are fully accessible for those with special mobility needs.  Our facilities include an entrance ramp, wide door openings for a wheelchair or walker, large therapy rooms with adequate space for wheelchairs, adjustable level therapy tables that provide ease of transfer on and off the table, and a level floor throughout the building for ease and safety of movement.

Insurance Reimbursement

Please let us know if you would like to have a receipt for your therapy that may be used for insurance reimbursement.  If you would like direct billing to your insurance company, please arrange this with prior to receiving services.

Therapeutic & Rehabilitative Massage

Therapeutic and rehabilitative massage focuses on the treatment of soft tissue to maintain, develop, or rehabilitate physical function.  Joint movement is increased, circulation of blood and lymph improved, and soft tissue dysfunction treated. Care is taken to prevent compensatory or secondary conditions from developing.  This therapy may be used for treatment of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, injury rehabilitation, repetitive stress injuries, postural distortions, and biomechanical soft tissue dysfunction.

Examples of Special Need Therapies:

  • Elder – Elder massage devotes special attention to careful body positioning and depth of pressure to increase the effectiveness and comfort of our therapies for older individuals. For guests using a walker or wheelchair, a lower table height allows for easy transfers on and off the therapy table. Recommended therapies:  Elder Massage, Relaxation Massage, Feet Treat, Perfect Combination, Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Massage.
  •  Massage for Children – Children under age 16 may receive massage at WatersMeet with the written consent of their parent.  Please contact us to make special arrangements for very young children or children with health conditions.  The session will be individualized according to age, gender, interests and health condition of the child.  Recommended Therapies: Children’s Session, Relaxation Massage, Feet Treat.
  • Post-Surgery Recovery –  Post-Surgery Massage incorporates therapies that may speed recovery and improve mobility during healing. Recommended Therapies:  Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Massage, Manual Lymph Therapy, Relaxation Massage, Connective Tissue Massage.
  • Hearing Impaired – Targeted hand and forearm therapy is available for those who communicate primarily by sign language.  Recommended therapies:  Perfect Combination, Deep Tissue Massage, Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Massage, Connective Tissue Massage.
  • Cancer Recovery – We offer Oncology Massage that focuses on the special considerations of clients living with cancer.  The therapies are aimed at releasing tension and strengthening the client’s pain and stress management techniques to improve coping.  Recommended therapy:  Oncology Massage.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – Select individuals on our staff have experience providing massage therapy for PTSD.  Recommended Therapies:  Relaxation Massage, Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Connective Tissue Massagec
  • Caregivers – caregivers need care too!  Please identify yourself as a caregiver when scheduling an appointment.  We have therapists on our staff specializing in massage therapy for caregivers.  Therapies Recommended:  Relaxation Massage, Perfect Combination Massage.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – WatersMeet has staff experienced in the care of individuals with spinal cord injuries.  Our treatment focuses on relieving the results of limited movement and addresses other related, secondary conditions that may be associated with spinal cord injuries.
  • Fibromyalgia – WatersMeet staff offer several therapies to address the symptoms of individuals diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  Recommended Therapies: Connective Tissue Massage, Therapeutic and Rehabilitative Massage, Relaxation Massage.
  • Lymphedema – The effects of lymphedema may be alleviated by Manual Lymph Therapy offered by therapists at WatersMeet.  Recommended Therapies:  Manual Lymph Therapy.